VEINSBRIDGER Transjugular Liver Access Set

The VEINSBRIDGER® Transjugular Liver Access Set is intended for transjugular liver access in diagnostic and interventional procedures. It facilitates percutaneous transjugular intrahepatic portal venous puncture and is employed in intrahepatic portosystemic shunt surgery to reduce portal vein pressure.
VEINSBRIDGER Transjugular Liver Access Set

Experience our advanced VEINSBRIDGER Transjugular Liver Access Set:

  • Superior Puncture Support: The main body boasts exceptional rigidity, providing enhanced support during punctures for improved accuracy.

  • Optimal Flexibility in Key Segments: Enjoy equivalent flexibility in crucial segments, reducing friction for smoother navigation and procedural efficiency.

  • Large-Angle Introducer (70°): Eliminate the need for re-bending with our large-angle introducer, ensuring seamless advancement during the procedure.

  • Extended Puncture Distance (70mm): Benefit from an extended puncture distance of 70mm, allowing for clearer imaging of vascular branches, enhancing precision in the entire process.

Choose our VEINSBRIDGER Transjugular Liver Access Set for cutting-edge technology with rigidity, flexibility, and imaging clarity for superior outcomes.

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