EqualSpheres Narrow-size Embolic Microspheres

Launched in 2021, EqualSpheres® Narrow-size Embolic Microspheres incorporates patented technology and has obtained approvals from both the China NMPA and the USA FDA (510k). It is intended to be used for the embolization of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and hyper vascular tumors, including uterine fibroids. So far, it’s successfully deployed in thousands of hospitals and primarily employed for the embolization treatment of various solid malignant tumors, including primary liver cancer, metastatic liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma.
EqualSpheres Narrow-size Embolic Microspheres

Enhance Precision in Every Embolization:

  • Narrow-Size Microspheres for Target Accuracy: Our microspheres are meticulously designed to facilitate entry into the distal blood vessels of target lesions, ensuring enhanced precision and maneuverability during procedures. Experience minimized collateral circulation and reduced complications with our advanced technology.
  • Layered Embolization for Sequential Precision: Eight varieties to meet precise TACE and Layered TACE needs, progressing from smaller to larger particles for sequential precision in each procedure.
  • Elastic Design for Smooth Flow: Our microspheres feature an elastic design that ensures high compliance within the microcatheter. No clogging and experience unobstructed flow throughout the procedure.
  • Biocompatibility for Your Peace of Mind: Trust in our microspheres' non-inflammatory and non-degradable biocompatibility. Your safety is our priority, and our materials are chosen to provide peace of mind throughout the embolization process.

Choose our EqualSpheres® to elevate your embolization procedures with precision, sequential accuracy, smooth flow, and unwavering biocompatibility.

NMPA:  国械注准20213131029

FDA:     K210562

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