ImageMate CT-Pro High-Pressure Injector

ImageMate CT-Pro High-Pressure Injector

ImageMate CT-Pro High-Pressure Injector

Designed to accompany high-pressure contrast injection tubing systems, the ImageMate CT-Pro facilitates the injection of non-radioactive contrast agents during CT scans.

ImageMate CT-Pro: The Hexagonal All-Rounder

The ImageMate CT-Pro is a tri-channel peristaltic pump CT high-pressure injector, designed for peak efficiency, precision, and innovation. This device meets stringent medical imaging standards and enhances clinical workflows while ensuring patient safety.

Efficiency: Handles over 150 CT injections daily, meeting high diagnostic demands.

Cost-Effectiveness: 24-hour reusable inner tubing and economical disposable patient lines reduce costs and environmental impact.

Safety: Precise air bubble and pressure monitoring, plus a patented extravasation sensor that stops injections upon detecting anomalies, ensuring maximum patient safety.

Image Quality: Delivers up to 10ml/s with high-flow and dual-flow modes, greatly improving image clarity for accurate diagnostics.

Informatics: Integrates with hospital RIS, PACS systems, and CT scanners for optimized data sharing and workflow.

Convenience: Bluetooth connectivity and a high-energy battery enhance mobility and ease of use in various clinical environments.

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