Livsite Implantable Port & Accessories

Livsite® Implantable Port & Accessories is intended for use in any condition that necessitates mid to long-term intermittent or continuous central venous infusions, providing a secure and repeated access for the administration of chemotherapy, blood sampling, or transfusions. It is also suitable for high-pressure injection of contrast agents when used in conjunction with a dedicated high-pressure port needle.
Livsite Implantable Port & Accessories

Livsite® Implantable Port & Accessories

  • Anatomic Design for Easy Implantation
  • Durable Self-Sealing Silicone Membrane for Longevity
  • Biocompatible Polyurethane Catheter for Reduced Thrombosis Risk 
  • Transparent Locking Device for Rapid and Secure Connections 
  • High-Pressure Resistance up to 325PSI for CT Injection
  • Versatile Sizes for Adult and Pediatric Patients: Available in 5F, 6.5F, 7.5F, and 8.5F

Prioritize patient comfort, durability, and clinical versatility with Livsite® Implantable Port & Accessories.

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Livsite® Disposable Implantable Port Needles  

  • Special Beveled Non-Coring Design for Precise Punctures 
  • Needle Wings for Secure Handling 
  • Comprehensive Kit Inclusion for Complete Solutions 
  • High-Pressure Compatibility up to 325 psi/22.4 bar

Choose Livsite® Disposable Implantable Port Needles for reliable, comfortable, and safe medical interventions.

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