MaxWave Microwave Ablation System

MaxWave® Microwave Ablation System consist of MaxWave®150 microwave ablation generator and Minbolt disposal microwave ablation antennas. It primarily utilizes microwave energy to heat tissues to high temperatures, aiming to achieve the ablation or coagulation of abnormal tissues. The system is intended for the ablation (coagulation) of soft tissue, particularly for the partial or complete ablation of non-resectable liver tumors. Additionally, many doctors and medical institutions use it for the treatment of lung cancer, kidney cancer, or thyroid cancer, kidney cancer, or thyroid cancer.
MaxWave Microwave Ablation System

MaxWave®150 Microwave Ablation Generator: 

  • High-Performance LDMOS Solid-State Source
  • Efficient Cooling with Integrated Pump
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Interface
  • Intelligent Self-Test Features
  • Loading Prescription Protocols for Streamlined Workflow 
  • Continuous and Wave Output Modes

Experience the advanced capabilities of MaxWave®150  for precision and efficiency in your ablation interventions.

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Minbolt Disposal Microwave Ablation Antennas: 

  • Smart Antenna Recognition for Hassle Free Procedures
  • Efficient Energy Conversion with Low Standing Wave Ratio
  • Advanced Cooling Technology to Reduce Carbonization
  • Enhanced Safety Measures with High-Temperature-Resistant Antenna Cover
  • Tailored Solutions for Versatility and Precision

Elevate your ablation with Minbolt Disposal Microwave Ablation Antennas where intelligent features meet advanced technology for superior outcomes.

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