Imagemate MR Power Injector System and Accessories

Boundless/Flexibility/Unveiling Truth in Imaging Imagemate® MR Power Injector System and Accessories consist of the Imagemate® MR power injector and single use high pressure angiographic syringe and accessories. It is intended for delivering contrast media and saline into patient’s vein for imaging diagnostics during MR procedures.
Imagemate MR Power Injector System and Accessories

Imagemate® MR Power Injector System

Revolutionize your MR procedures with the Imagemate® MR Power Injector System, designed with user-centric features for enhanced efficiency and safety:

  • Mobile and Wireless Operation for Ultimate Flexibility 
  • AC/Battery Operational Modes for Versatility
  • MR 3.0T Compatibility with Non-Magnetic Ultrasonic Motors
  • High-Speed Injection Capacity up to 10mL/s for Efficient Contrast Delivery
  • Streamlined Workflow with Auto-fill and Auto-forward Functionalities
  • Ergonomic Design for Personalized User Comfort
  • KVO Function for Ensuring Vein Patency 
  • Test Injection Function for Enhanced Safety Measures
  • Easy Syringe Loading and Unloading for Hassle-free Handling
  • Prefill Syringe Compatibility for Convenience
  • Comprehensive Injection Record Management for Seamless Procedure Oversight

Choose our Imagemate® MR Power Injector System with cutting-edge technology for optimal outcomes.

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Single-use High Pressure Angiographic Syringes and Accessories

  • 65/115mL Plunger Rod Syringes with Rotating Luer for Superior Control
  • Maximum 325PSI Pressure Limit for Safety and Injection Precision
  • T Connector Tubing with Two Check-valves for Procedural Efficiency

Choose our Single-use High Pressure Angiographic Syringes and Accessories for a reliable and precise performance in every MR injection procedures.

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