Endoxceed Hydrophilic Coating Guide Wire

Endoxceed® Hydrophilic Coating Guide Wire is intended yo direct a catheter to the desired anatomical location in the peripheral and coronary vasculature during diagnostic or interventional procedures.
Endoxceed Hydrophilic Coating Guide Wire

Elevate your procedural experience with the Endoxceed® Hydrophilic Coating Guide Wire:

  • Unlock Precision with Shape Memory: Benefit from the Nickel-Titanium Alloy Core Wire's excellent shape memory, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in every maneuver.
  • Seamless Navigation Experience: Enjoy enhanced maneuverability throughout the procedure, thanks to the Core-to-tip Design, providing you with a smooth and controlled navigation experience.
  • Effortless Control and Ease of Use: Experience improved control and ease of use with the Uniform Hydrophilic Coating, enhancing the overall smoothness and flexibility of the guide wire.
  • Tailored Flexibility Options: Choose between Standard and Stiffened Shaft Configurations based on your procedural needs, offering you flexibility and stiffness options for a personalized approach.
  • Versatile Adaptability: Navigate diverse anatomies effortlessly with the Distal Tip in Straight and Angled Shapes, ensuring adaptability and versatility in every procedure.

Trust in the Endoxceed® Hydrophilic Coating Guide Wire for superior performance, offering advanced features for successful interventions.

NMPA: 国械准注20193030501

FDA:    K193653

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