RAPIDTHRU DA Micro Catheter and Guidewire System

The RAPIDTHRU® DA Micro Catheter and Guidewire System is intended for infusing contrast media into the peripheral vasculature and for drug infusion in intra-arterial therapy, as well as for the infusion of embolic materials for hemostasis. It represents an upgraded version of the RAPIDTHRU®, with significant improvements in product specifications, contrast performance, and torque ability.
RAPIDTHRU DA Micro Catheter and Guidewire System

Discover the Advancements in RAPIDTHRU® DA Microcatheters:

  • Versatile Shapes for Varied Needs: RAPIDTHRU® DA now offers three shapes – Swan Neck, Angled (45°), and Straight – providing versatile options to meet diverse procedural requirements.

  • Radial Artery Entry Compatibility: Our microcatheters are designed to seamlessly work with radial artery entry, enhancing flexibility in procedural approaches.

  • Smaller Size Model for Deeper Vasculature: Introducing a smaller size model with a minimum extension to 1.9F/1.4”, catering to procedures in deeper vasculature with precision.

  • Improved Visibility for Enhanced Clarity: The new composite design ensures outstanding visualization, allowing for clearer navigation during procedures.

  • Smart Torquer for Added Convenience: RAPIDTHRU DA® features an integrated torque control with flushing function, providing smart and convenient torque management.

Choose our RAPIDTHRU® DA with versatility, compatibility, precision, and convenience for your procedural success.

NMPA: 国械注准20223030234  

FDA:    K212719

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