Imagemate DSA Power Injector System and Accessories

Imagemate® DSA Power Injector System and Accessories consist of the Imagemate® DSA power injector and single use high pressure angiographic syringe and accessories. It is intended for delivering contrast media into patient’s blood vessel for imaging during angiographic and CT procedures.
Imagemate DSA Power Injector System and Accessories

Imagemate® DSA Power Injector System – a breakthrough in versatility, control, and efficiency

  • Seamless Multimodality: Easy switch between DSA, CT, and Infusion modes, ensuring adaptability to various clinical applications.
  • Wireless Control: Control remotely via Bluetooth for enhanced convenience.
  • Optional Dual Screen Configuration: Enhanced visibility and control with dual screens.
  • Universal Compatibility: Connect with various Angio C-arm scanners.
  • Efficient Workflow: User-friendly design and auto-fill, fully retract and forward functionality for efficient work flow.
  • Injection Protocol Mastery: Precision injection support for DSA and CT modes.
  • Smart Record Management: Organize patient data efficiently.

Choose Imagemate® DSA Power Injector System with cutting-edge technology for unparalleled control and efficiency in vascular imaging.

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Single-use High Pressure Angiographic Syringes and Accessories

  • 1200PSI High-Pressure Performance 
  • Flexible Braided Tubing in various lengths
  • Latex-Free and DEHP-Free for Patient Safety

Choose our Single-use High Pressure Angiographic Syringes and Accessories for precise and safe delivery in every angiographic intervention.

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