LIFEPADDLE Enteral Nutrition Pump System

The LIFEPADDLE® Enteral Nutrition Pump System is an innovative and intelligent enteral nutrition infusion device. Designed for hospitals, it provides adjustable enteral feeding for patients facing challenges with oral intake or those in a state of impaired consciousness, including coma patients and those experiencing severe nausea and vomiting. This system finds applications in various departments such as internal medicine, surgery, emergency, pediatrics, gynecology, hematology, burns, ICU, CCU, and more.
LIFEPADDLE Enteral Nutrition Pump System

LIFEPADDLE® Enteral Nutrition Pump System

  • Intelligent Design for Versatile Use: Featuring a modular design with high waterproof rating, feeding reminders, and an intelligent anti-clogging tube system. Additionally, it can be equipped with a heater (optional), making it suitable for various enteral feeding scenarios.
  • Precision Control, Comprehensive Care: Offers precise control over infusion rate, volume, and feeding duration. It includes effective heating and insulation functions to prevent overflows, underflows, and patient discomfort. The system also incorporates features like automatic infusion, an alarm system, as well as fast drainage and anti-reverse functions, ensuring comprehensive care for patients.
  • Promoting Gastrointestinal Health, Reducing Complications: Safely and effectively promotes and maintains the integrity of the gastrointestinal structure and function. It protects the gastric mucosal barrier, reduces complications, lowers treatment costs, and improves the nutritional status of patients.

Choose LIFEPADDLE® Enteral Nutrition Pump System for comprehensive nutritional care.

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