TOWERBRIDGE Guiding Sheath Kit

TOWERBRIDGE® Guiding Sheath Kit is intended for introducing the interventional diagnostics and treatment devices into vascular systems. With 5 different tip shapes, it meets various procedural requirements.
TOWERBRIDGE Guiding Sheath Kit

Achieve seamless and efficient procedures with our TOWERBRIDGE® Guiding Sheath Kit:

  • Rapid Path Establishment: Benefit from robust supportability that enables the swift establishment of the procedural path.
  • Superb Crossability: The Hydrophilic Coating ensures excellent crossability, facilitating smooth navigation through anatomical structures.
  • Minimized Vessel Impact: The Soft Distal End minimizes the impact on vessels, reducing the risk of damage during the procedure.

Choose our TOWERBRIDGE®  Guiding Sheath Kit with swift path establishment, smooth navigation, and vessel safety for optimal outcomes.

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