RapidArrival Stainless Steel Micro Guidewire

The RapidArrival® Stainless Steel Micro Guidewire is intended for guiding and positioning catheters within targeted peripheral vessels. It is specialized for super-selective procedures and is particularly well-suited for lesions in narrow and tortuous blood vessels during radiological interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
RapidArrival Stainless Steel Micro Guidewire

Discover Precision and Control:

  • Stainless Steel Core for Superior Control: Our guidewire features a stainless-steel core, offering exceptional torque control and maneuverability. Experience precision in every movement during your procedures.
  • Gradually Tapering Tip for Super-Selective Entry: The gradually tapering tip ensures a super-selective entry into peripheral vessels, allowing for precise and targeted navigation.
  • Golden Spring Coil for Enhanced Visibility: At the distal end, a golden spring coil enhances visibility, providing a clear view for increased safety throughout your interventions.

Choose our RapidArrival® Micro Guidewire with precision, super-selective entry, and enhanced visibility, ensuring confidence and safety in every step.

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