SIZINGPIPE Angiographic Catheter

The SIZINGPIPE® Angiographic Catheter is intended for injection of control media, performing angiography of the vascular system, and measuring the length of vascular lesions during the radiological interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Prohibit applications in neurovascular procedures.
SIZINGPIPE Angiographic Catheter

Experience Precision in Angiography with Our SIZINGPIPE® Angiographic Catheter:

  • Omni Tip for Reduced Backflow: Our catheter features an Omni Tip design that minimizes contrast media backflow to adjacent branch vessels, ensuring precise and focused imaging.
  • Triple Coating for Enhanced Performance: With a triple coating, our catheter minimizes the risk of marking ring detachment, enhances tensile performance, and provides superior pushability and crossability for smoother procedures.
  • Large Inner Lumen for Maximum Support: The catheter boasts a large inner lumen that accommodates a maximum guidewire size of 0.038", ensuring enhanced support during interventions.
  • Multiple Side Holes for Improved Imaging: Equipped with up to 10 side holes, our catheter offers enhanced imaging capabilities, providing a comprehensive view for more accurate procedures.

Choose our SIZINGPIPE® Angiographic Catheter for unparalleled precision, enhanced performance, and superior support during angiography

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