Guardefend Introducer Sheath Kit

Guardefend® Introducer Sheath Kit is intended for interventional procedures, facilitating the insertion of catheters, electrodes, balloon catheters, and other devices to establish vascular paths.
Guardefend Introducer Sheath Kit

Experience enhanced procedural efficiency with our Guardefend® Introducer Sheath Kit:

  • All-in-One Integration: The kit integrates the guide wire, dilator, and sheath into one unit, streamlining the procedural setup for increased efficiency.
  • Tailored Sizes: Choose from various sizes to suit different preferences and procedural requirements, providing flexibility and customization.
  • Optimal Visualization: Benefit from excellent visualization, ensuring clear and precise guidance during the procedure.
  • Kink Resistance: The sheath is designed for kink resistance, promoting smooth navigation and reducing procedural challenges.

Choose the Guardefend® Introducer Sheath Kit for a seamlessly integrated solution to minimize procedural challenges.

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