Superpipe Angiographic Catheter

Superpipe® Angiographic Catheter is intended for use in angiographic procedures. It delivers radiopaque media, guidewires, catheters and therapeutic agents to selected sites in the vascular system.
Superpipe Angiographic Catheter

Elevate your vascular interventions with the Superpipe Angiographic Catheter:

  • Minimized Irritation: Experience a gentle and precise procedure with the rounded and smooth tip, reducing irritation and damage to the vessel wall.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Navigate with ease through various anatomies using the Goldio-tech, tapered, and lubricated body, ensuring exceptional flexibility, pushability, and maneuverability.
  • Effortless Tracking: Achieve procedural accuracy effortlessly with whole-body visibility, allowing you to track the catheter comprehensively.
  • Precision Imaging: Ensure precise imaging during interventions with the large lumen and side holes, providing excellent contrast performance.
  • Reliable Performance: Withstand pressures up to 1000 PSI, offering reliability in challenging procedures.

Opt for the Superpipe® Angiographic Catheter for an optimal blend of advanced features, ensuring superior performance in every vascular intervention.

NMPA: 国械准注20193030162

FDA:    K193647

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