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Hengrui Medical Maxwave<sup>® </sup>Microwave Ablation System Northwest First Show Successfully


Su mou, female, 73 years old, found pulmonary nodules for more than two weeks. chest CT was performed in the outer hospital on June 8, 2023 due to cough: bronchiectasis and emphysema in the dorsal segment of the lower lobe of the right lung, and stripe lesions in the upper and lower lobes of the right lung. Multiple solid and small ground glass density nodules in both lung fields (the larger one is 0.5cm in diameter, located in the posterior segment of the upper lobe of the right lung); Calcification of aortic valve area, mitral valve area and left coronary artery. Now come to our hospital for further treatment, outpatient with "pulmonary nodules" admitted to the hospital. In recent January, the spirit is good, the diet and sleep are good, and the stool and urine are normal.

Diagnosis results:


  1. pulmonary nodule

  2. Hypertension

  3. Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Ablation Procedure

The patient took the prone position, CT scan determined the position, size, puncture point, puncture path, puncture depth, direction and other parameters of the right lung nodule, disinfected the skin in the puncture area, after 1% lidocaine local anesthesia, punctured a 16mm microwave needle and puncture biopsy needle into the right lung nodule according to the puncture plan, and scanned again to see that the puncture position was satisfactory. Therefore, the pathology was punctured as planned and the right lung nodule was ablated (ablation under appropriate conditions (ablation conditions: 40W3MIN,50W3MIN), re-scan showed that the ablation effect was satisfactory, the body surface was bandaged and fixed, the operation process was smooth, the patient was stable during the operation, and returned to the ward after the operation.

Expert Feeling


  1. Hengrui Medical Maxwave®Microwave ablation needle hardness and excellent design, can quickly and accurately puncture, reach the focus, no elastic needle and needle bending after the occurrence;

  2. The ablation needle is integrally attached with a heat shrinkable sleeve with high temperature resistance to avoid the risk of falling off the needle tip and leaving it in the body;

  3. Hengrui Medical Maxwave®The microwave ablation system is easy to operate and can complete the operation better and faster.

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